The months are passing by and my lips begin to crack. It’s a little cold outside and the spirits are trying to scare me but I whisper them your name and they fade away as the sound of the drums that light up the path lead me to your hand. I don’t want to think anymore. give me of you, I want to feel drunk. Come over, I want you to tie me, I want you to make me fall in love again.

He’s looking for me. Don’t let him find me, hold me so that he will not approach me. You can keep me forever.

We laughed together seeing how he crawls for something that never belonged to him, for something that he can’t play again. He is just a stranger in my memory that appear in fortuitous flashes to remind me that shipwreck. I want to die within you, I want to breathe that dope that makes me fly up to the top. I’m not alone, Can you feel it? You relish my intoxicating tear that makes you fall into this deep sleep whose asking for one more night.

365 days with this temporary visa, I would like to tell you in just two words how I feel but the enemies are on the corner waiting to neutralize this undeniable feeling. You’re the crossbow that smash your suture. Now I’m bleeding because of again. Do you want to keep doing this? It has lasted longer than any other summer love, the sun starts heating on a new slipstream that invites me to penchant.


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