Long time no see this games… don’t you? You’re making my gaze becomes a little oriental with the sound of your voice.

A while ago you were the new hobby, you got me out of those wrap walls of melancholy, you opened the door for those things I swear I will never taste. From the hand of your kisses I discovered the sweet spice of forbidden without witnesses of a feeling. I read what you text every day and I’m trying to not answer… Do I want to fall again? Do I want to be your voluntary victim one more time? You’re stealing a smile with just a “good morning”, your “good afternoons” makes me loose my focus and at night I transform myself around what you were asking.

You’re that pending task hard to forget. You have the truth tattooed on your skin but you do not want to assumed, you are tempting me to make that trip to the afterlife where there’s no sanity.

You’re my unintelligent decision but at this point, I don’t care to be the common denominator of your many captures, you’ll only take the hours that I need to have what I want. Let’s escape in the middle of the night, no one will see us, only the moon will be the witness in this approximation … See you at the same place? You’re dangerous, you know you are stealing me that dream that you’re supposed to sell me.

What happen with the girl who never brake rules? You make me disappear from the map when I need to. Give me that synthetic flavor with colors that makes me soar, I’m starting to feel lost in your eyes totally different from my eternal black amber eyes, but I’ll be out as far as I know you want to keep me away from my reality.


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