Let’s do this one more time


Is start to getting dark, it’s raining outside, do you want to come? Sorry baby, but your time is running out.

Please, when you arrive, give me a kiss on my forehead, I need to feel you care about me.

Today we can dream, do you feel like everything is dying? Turn on the lights, let me see you this time, do you want to try? Don’t make me wait, my patience is dwindling and for sure, I will be the first to go.

You’re my clandestine adventure, my forbidden pleasure, today you can have me. We don’t speak about love, silence is the best friend of our feelings, but when you look at me, I can read you’re feeling, but you are scared. Do not surrender me your heart, I can break it.

You unlocked a passion in me that did not know was hidden in my veins. When you breathe close to my chest, we whisper an unspoken desire. Do I have to tell you or you are smart enough to read? You are so easy, but you don’t know which road you need to take.

You are my sin, I’m not asking for mercy, you’re more than a vice, and your fingers taste like the nectar of sweet revenge, a poison that is not lethal.

I asked for a wish before I left, but you weren’t there my last night. Maybe because wasn’t the end? This story has one more page? You want me but it’s not the same, you let someone to made me smile, you let me fall in love. He restored my broken wings before you, he gave me the reason to watch the sunrise from the balcony, bare my fears and showed me that fears are just the fear of failure and a fall will make me stronger because I can rise again.

The night is here, can you see me? Come here, come into my sheets but don’t talk, I don’t want to hear you, just kiss me and let me feel loved again. Let’s turn off the world and for one more night, let’s pretend we don’t care.


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