Starting with no future

In your eyes I can recognize that innocence that I lost a few years ago. In the sweetness of your lips I can taste the nectar of the unknown.

Where did you come from and why you are here? Should I learn some lesson from you? How long are you gonna stay?Just one look it’s enough to understand how the promises fade away without being pronounced. Especially in these days, when people only love when is dark at the edge of a glass of alcohol.

How many loves we remember with a the sigh of a song?

Do you know what I want every time you hug me? Spend my time seeing your eyes, stay into your arms, but a constant thought eats my thirst for love .

I’m in the desert and you ‘re giving me the Olive shade and tenderness that intoxicates me, I feel it like a light in my darkness, I would ask you for a while how longer arre you gonna be able to love in a slowly way. Am I allow to touch your scar and make you bleed one more time?

My grandmother once told me that after all that I lived there’s and ever after, but after him, I dont know how to feel again …  Are you gonna the one who will return me to life?

Let’s make of this chapter an endless story , make a dream with no end , just hold me tight and do not let me go even when we already know that we’re not going anywhere.


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