God’s time is PERFECT

How all this started? When I started to feel awake? I was in a deep sleep or was my excuse to avoid reality?

I began this journey when I realized I wasn’t breathing, I couldn’t breathe. My destiny changed forever the day I said bye to you.

I know it’s hard to talk about this, to talk about us, to talk about you… but I’m sorry, it was real , you left me with no hopes, I gave you my best , I gave you my best years, and I only asked you to love me in return… I deserved. I never felt complete on your side, I always felt something was missing, but at the same time, when I was in your arms I was safe. It was difficult to understand? It was someone else fault? The problem was you or it was me? It was only me with that feeling of emptiness?

I found a little of happiness when you were smiling in our lie, just with the fact that you were ok, it was enough for me. Were your eyes lying? I only asked you to make me feel desirable, pretty, smart. You knew I was there for you; do you know what was the hardest part of been together? When I needed a word of encouragement, and you weren’t there, you just created a wound on my chest. Don’t worry, those wounds have healed now. I can confess you something; I cannot stop wondering if I lost my time with you, 10 years… I guess only God knows that answer.

Thanks to your cool bed, I discovered who I didn’t want it to be in the arms of others. You were my life and I always thought you were the one. After all this time, I thank God because you did not change how I asked you. I was a coward, I did not react on time, but what was time between you and me? We were always there. Thanks for the experiences, thanks for taking care of me more as a sister than your woman; today I realized that the best could had happened for us was to break up, we weren’t happy, I wasn’t happy.

Here, far from everything, was where I met the love I always dreamed, but didn’t turn like the love you found after me, but he made me see I can be loved and I’m worthy as a woman.

Today I am stronger thanks to both. I’ve healed, you’re successfully disappear from my heart … you are now just a chapter in one of my stories.



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